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We will be holding three markets in December on  Saturday 2nd, 9th and 16th December, 9-1pm.  

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To place your order online, simply leave us your 'shopping list'. We will pack your box, call you and take payment over the phone. When you arrive in the car park, please call us. We will bring your order out to beside your car, for you to self load and avoid any social contact. (Good to use this when we're busy on Friday and Saturdays to avoid the cafe queue. Don't forget you can order cafe items in your box, including hot drinks).

If you forget something, and let's face it we all do in times of a crisis, just ask the team at the point of payment and we'll add it on if we can!

All the very best to our customers during these extraordinary times,

Oliver and Charlotte.

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ButcherShop and CafeVeg shed
We are a traditional butchery, so please feel free to ask for what you want, even if it is not described on this list - the boys like a challenge! You can speak to the butchers directly, 01603 418 817

SAUSAGES: £8.99/kg Our Award Winning Sausages (Battle of the Bangers winner) & Chipolatas. £9.25/kg- cracked black pepper, pork and spring onion, mustard, red onion and sage, Cumberland

Ducks (Gressingham)

1.8 to 2.6kg - £ per Kg

Duck Fillets - £/kg


1.5kg up to 2kg - £/kg


Leg of Pork - £/kg

Shoulder - £/kg

Loin - £/kg


Leg - £/kg

Shoulder - £/kg

Lamb Chops - £/kg


Brisket - £/kg

Topside - £/kg

Rolled Sirloin - £

Rib on Bone - £/kg

Rolled Rib - £/kg

Fillet Steak - £kg


Pheasant - £each or £ per brace

Partridge - £/brace


Haunch - £/kg


Smoked/Green - £/kg


Home made Pork Pie - £ Each

Home Made Scotch Eggs -

Takeaway coffee & cake available from our cafe team!
Brownies, etc
HOT Sausage Rolls £4.00
Chocolate oaties, rocky road or brownie
All £3.00/slice
Rainbow Cookies for Kids £2
Scones: Fruit/Cheese - £2.50
Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate £2.60 Flat White and Mocha £2.80 Soya/Oatmeal available

Double Yolk Eggs £5.80/tray
6 eggs/£1.86
Large Brown Eggs from hens out on grass at Hickling £2.30/half doz
Quails Eggs - £2.25

Norton's DAIRY
Double Cream 250ml £1.50
Milk - Blue and Green 2 pt & 4 pt Soft Cheese: (Plain, Apricot, Lavender, Chilli) Pouring Yoghurt 250ml

Local cheeses: Walsingham, Norfolk Dapple, Smoked Dapple, Binham Blue, Bigod Brie, Camembert, Black Bomber Cheddar, Cheddar with Garlic and Herbs, Smoke Mature Cheddar, White Lady's Goats Cheese, Halloumi, Mozzarella
Selection of cheese biscuits.

Fen Farm Yoghurts Plain, Redcurrant, Gooseberry and Elderflower | Blackcurrant 130g pots or 400g £2.50 or £4

Tonys Chocolate 180g £4.50 - Salted Caramel, Dark choc salt & Almond, Pretezel, Hazelnut, Dark, Milk Choc etc

Flour - Plain, Self raising, GF, Rye and Yeast! Oats - 725g - £1.00
Oatmeal - 500g - 80p

Ben and Jerry's Icecream Fish Food - 500ml tubs £4.25
Judes Custard £3.10/500ml

Large sharing bag, Kettle Crisps 150g
Lightly Salted, Simply Sea Salt, Thai Sweet Chilli, Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar, Cheddar Cheese and Chive
Corkers' Crisps available!
Back by popular demand: Slabs Crisps - Chunky Mature Cheddar and Onion
**New in**: Love Corn, savoury corn kernels either: salted, salt and vinegar or Smoked BBQ. £2.25/115g

Cornish PATE in jars, Chicken Liver, Salmon with Lemon, Pork, Beef, Mushroom Pate, Duck with black cherry £5.70

Oils Crush Rape Seed, Smoked Chilli, Feist Chilli, Peri Peri Oil 500ml £4.50 Lemon mustard dressing 250ml £3.99 Sweet Honey Mustard 250ml £4.50 Raspberry Vinegar 200ml £4.99 Elderflower Vinegar 200ml £4.99
Steak sauce, Stokes Brown Sauce, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, English Mustard, Mango Chutney, Piccalilli, Sticky Pickle Tomato Chut, Horseradish, Nojo - Traditional Japanese White Miso Sauce, Teryaki, Soya sauce.
Crush Apple and Cranberry Granola

Nuts - Mr Filberts Roast Chestnut & Chive, Mexican sweet chilli French Rosemary Almonds, Salted Caramel Choc nut mix £3.95
Hickory Smoked Nuts £1.50

Goodies for kids
Gingerbread biscuits; Unicorns, Tractors, Sheep, Pigs, Dinosaur and Cows! £2.75 Go Bananas Bear Biscuits; Rasp, Choc, or Banana. Bear Fruit YoYos in Rasp, Blackcurrant and Strawbery. Bag of 14 Fruit Lollipops.

Cannelloni Pasta 250g
- £3.30
Authentic colourful Pasta. £4.35
Tiny Pasta shapes - 500g - £2.34
Pasta Shells - 500g - £1.95
Couscous - 500g - £1.45
Tinned Tomatoes and pasta sauces and tomato puree.

Brown Long Grain - 400g - £1.25
Risotto Rice - 325g - £1.50
Green Lentils - 325g - £1.35
Yellow Split Peas - 500g - £1.00
Red Split Lentils

Red Pepper and Tomato - £1.88
Lentil and Red Pepper £2**NEW**
Broccoli and Kale £2 **NEW**
Carrot and Coconut £2**NEW**
Buttered Squash and Ginger £2**NEW**
Spicy Lentil - £2.18
Tomato & Basil £2.18
Pea Soup £2.50

STOCK - Veg, Chicken, Beef, Lamb

WHF Sweets £2.50
Norfolk Raider Cider Bottle £4.00
A 3L box of cider for £20
WHF Apple Juice 750ml - £3.50
Funky can of wine - £4.95
Wine and Local ale. Selection of......
GIN and TONICS Just ask us?
Whiskey (you will need this by now....)

BREAD white and brown granary sliced
Frozen panini breads 90p each (as used in our cafe lunches) Pitta breads - White or Wholemeal
Burger Baps - Packs of 4. £2/pack
Frozen croissants £2/each
Biona Rye and Pumpkinseed pumpernickel Bread GF
Roasted seed crisps GF

Honey, Jams: Strawb, Rasp, Mixed Berry, Blackberry, Gooseberry and Candi Chutneys: Onion Marmalade, Parsnip and Chilli, Norfolk Knobbly Chutney, Spiced Carrot.

Selection of packaged cakes
BISCUITS and COOKIES: Norfolk cookies: Original, Choc Chip, White Choc,Stem Ginger £3.50 ANNAS Ginger Thins, Cappuccino, Almond Thins, Orange Thins £1.35 Norfolk Lemon Cake, Chocolate, Cherry and Almond, Fruit Loaf, Stemmed Ginger, **New in: Landlord Cake £4.38/440g **

Italian Gift Set: Pasta, pesto, bowl £28.95

Special offer: A 3L box of cider for £20,made here on the farm.

PIZZA Made by BRICK in Norwich
Margarita - £6.00
Pepperoni - £7.50
**NEW IN** Vegan - £7.50
We also sell a range of Italian dried herbs for an extra taste of summer!

Gluten Free Norfolk Chocolate, Ginger or Lemon Cake £2.75
Mrs Crimbles Choc Macaroons £2.05 Mrs Crimbles Bakewell Slices
Vegan Choc Macaroons

Norfolk made: Pooches Dog biscuits (treats) - £3.75
Cans of fizzy drinks, Coke, San Pellegrino Lucazade, Ribena, Milkshake kids carton
Norfolk Strawberries £4.50
Estima/Stemster Potatoes 5kg £3.50
Potatoes Salad £1.59 kg
Potatoes Sweet £2.49 kg
Potatoes Bakers 45p each
Cauliflower £1.50 each
Celeriac £1.85 each
Bunched Beetroot £1.99 per bunch
Butternut Squash £1.89 kg
Broccoli £2.99 kg
Spinach £1.50 pack
Rocket £1.65 pack
Homegrown Cabbage£1.35 each
Red/White Cabbage 89p/kg
Carrots Bunched £1.75 bunch
Carrots (loose) £1.20 kg
Swede 99p
Peppers £2.99 kg
Mushroom - closed cup £3.99 kg
Flat Mushroom £4.29kg
Portobello Mushrooms £6.99kg
Garlic 55p bulb
Celery £1.20 pack
Tomatoes Cherry Vine £3.99 kg
Norfolk Loose Toms £1.99 kg
Little Gem /Iceberg £1each
Babyleaf £1.65 pack
Cooked Beetroot (Longlife) 65p pack
Aubergine £2.29 kg
Cucumber £1 each
Avocado (Ready to Eat) £1.35 each
Leeks £2.59 kg
Radish £1 bunch
Courgette £2.39 kg
Norfolk Parsnip £2.39 kg
Fennel £2.99 kg
Onions, Brown 89p kg
Onion, Red £1.45 kg
Shallots £1.69 kg
Spring Onions 89p bunch
Bananas £1.69 kg
Apricots 60p/each
Nectarines 60p/each
Blueberries £2.65 punnet
Gooseberries £3.50 punnet
Pink Lady Apples £3.29 kg
English Conference Pears £1.39
Bramley Apples (Cookers) £1.59 kg
Braeburn £1.69 kg
Large Oranges 55p each
Oranges net (5) £1.50
Red/Green Seedless Grapes £5.79 kg
Lemons 35p & Limes 32p each
Nadacottes 30p each
Red Grapefruit 65p each
Mixed Nuts 400g £3.45 bag
Pickling Vinegar 5L £3.95

As our regular customers will know, since introducing this service in March 2020, we do charge a nominal £2.50 on all orders. The packing takes time and we coordinate with many small suppliers to bring you the best, local produce which demands our attention around the clock. We believe that a box of local goodies, carried out to your car, with no social contact in under 24hrs from ordering, in this climate is worth the fee. We hope you appreciate this. Many thanks for your continued support.

Recent reviews

  • We have three food and craft markets each Saturday in December.  Saturday 16th December is the biggest! 9-3pm
  • We stock sensational milk from our local dairy. If you wish to create a standing order to reserve your milk (Norton's Dairy), please ask our staff.
  • Award Winning Butchery - sausages voted winner of 'Battle of the Bangers' plus a traditional butchery with locally sourced, delicious meat. Meet our butchers, Steve and Jack.
  • Cafe - eat in or out and enjoy our range of delicious light bites and tea/coffee.
  • Farmshop - offering an array of local produce.
  • Camping! 
  • Free car parking
  • We accept card and cash payments.
Opening times and info
  • Tuesday to Friday 9-4pm.
  • Saturday 9am to 5pm.
  • Unfortunately to give our brilliant team a rest, we are closed Sundays and Mondays.